Upper Darby personal injury lawyers

An accident caused by the negligence of another, which results in injury can be hard to handle. There are an array of emotions that may follow the accident. You may feel anger, frustration, and be emotionally drained. However, you can find solace in knowing that there are skilled Upper Darby personal injury lawyers here to fight for your rights.


Upper Darby is no stranger to accidents resulting in injury. With more than 80,000 residents and a large volume of commuters passing through the town each day, there is an increased risk that car accidents can occur. According to the Upper Darby Police Department they received 3,274 calls reporting car accidents in 2010—that compared with the reported 4,379 crashes reported in Delaware County shows that a large majority of accidents are occurring within Upper Darby. The densely populated municipality known for streets of row houses is just 2.8 miles from Center City Philadelphia, and is a popular route for commuters.


The Shame & Blame Game


The insurance industry has one goal when it comes to claims made by their policy holders — pay as little money as possible (ideally none).  Often times, policy holders are blinded by the advertisements their insurance company puts out and they fail to realize that the company is not really on their side.


These companies employ the tactics of shaming and blaming the accident victim in order to limit, completely deny, or even discourage their customer from even seeking their claim. They do this by making policy holders believe that those who file claims are in some way being greedy or that they are not entitled to do so. The insurance companies believe that if they make the process of recovering accident damages difficult, the accident victim with either accept a much smaller amount than what they deserve or won’t even pursue a claim at all.


Personal Injury Attorneys in Upper Darby You Can Rely On


Your insurance company should not be allowed to turn you into a victim of their greed. The tenacious lawyers at Console & Hollawell have the skill and experience needed to beat the insurance companies at their own games. You can find comfort in knowing you have the backing of a qualified legal team to help you get the compensation you deserve. Speak with an Upper Darby personal injury attorney at Console & Hollawell today by calling us at (800) 455-2746. The consultation is free and completely confidential.


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