Scranton personal injury lawyers

Scranton is considered to be the largest city in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Metropolitan area and it is the 6th most populous city in Pennsylvania. With more than 76,000 people residing in and traveling to Scranton there is an increased chance that an accident will occur. Scranton has numerous major highways that pass through the city and these roads are more apt to be the location of serious car accidents due to the increased speed limits. These roadways include:


  • I-81
  • I-84
  • I-380
  • I-80
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-476)
  • US Route 6
  • US Route 11

Accidents are most often caused by driver error according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and in instances where your injury was the direct result of someone else’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation. By speaking with a Scranton personal injury lawyer at Console & Hollawell you are increasing your chances of recovering damages,  as those who seek the assistance of an attorney receive, on average, 3.5 times more in compensation than those who do not.


Insurance Companies and Their Tactics


In this country, we buy insurance for a couple reasons: out of requirement by law and so we have the policy to fall back on should the unexpected occur. There is an understanding, generally speaking, that the insurance companies are there to provide us help when we need it most. We pay our premiums every year, we are as careful as we can be, but then disaster strikes, and we turn to our insurance company for help.


You may be shocked when you are met with insurance companies’ reaction to filing a claim. Unfortunately, the industry has been very good at spreading propaganda about how they are on your side and they are your good neighbors, but the truth is they are only those things when you are not seeking compensation. They use tactics meant to shame and blame the accident victim and this in turn can make them feel guilty for even trying to get the money that is rightfully theirs.


Insurance companies want to pay out as little in claims as they possibly can. To achieve this goal, they make attempts to limit the amount you receive or to deny your claim outright, thus showing how much they really ‘care’ about their policyholders.


Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys in Scranton


At Console & Hollawell, we prepare each case for trial which shows the insurance companies how serious we are about protecting your rights. We will not allow the big companies to take advantage of our clients, so we aggressively fight each case to ensure that our clients receive the best possible settlement. It would be difficult for an individual to fight the insurance companies alone, which is why you should speak with our Scranton personal injury lawyers. The call and consultation are free, so contact us today at (800) 455-2746.



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