Bethlehem personal injury lawyers

The emotional impact of an accident can be severe. In addition to the stress caused by your injuries you may be faced with troubling financial hardships. Your accident may make it seem like things will never return to the way they used to be. You do not have to go through this alone. You can find solace in the fact that there are Bethlehem personal injury lawyers that can help you get the compensation you deserve.


Bethlehem is the seventh largest city in Pennsylvania, and it combines small town charm with big city feel making it a popular destination for families and tourists. With tons of entertainment offerings throughout the year from the renowned Christmas Festival (after all, Bethlehem is Christmas City USA!) to Musikfest there are always a plethora of tourists in the city. This volume of tourists combined with the 75,000 residents and hundreds of commuters increase the chances that an accident will occur within Bethlehem.


The Tricks Insurance Companies Play


Insurance is a trillion-dollar industry and these companies did not get there by paying out insurance claims to their customers. The insurance companies spend millions of dollars on advertising—all to make policy holders and potential customers feel that they can rely on that company. They use catchy slogans and interesting spokespeople, but what they don’t tell you in those ads is that they will be your friend only until you want to collect on that policy you have been paying into.


If their ads are not enough to dissuade individuals from seeking compensation for their accident the insurance company will then employ tactics aimed at limiting or denying your claim. They will try to convince you to take a settlement early on that is much less than what you deserve or they will simply lie and say you have no claim. Should your case reach trial, the insurance company will then hire an expensive legal team and will aggressively fight your claim, even if it means they are spending more in legal fees than what they owe you. They don’t mind spending that extra money because it will only further their cause of making sure people do not pursue claims. They make sure that others are aware at how difficult they make the process, thus intimidating the claimholder into believing they cannot win their claim.


Experienced personal injury attorneys in Bethlehem


In order to best represent our clients, we at Console & Hollawell prepare each case as if it were going to trial. By doing so we demonstrate to the insurance companies that we will aggressively fight for our clients’ rights, and that we will not give in to their dishonest tactics. Unfortunately, with the vast legal resources at the insurance companies’ hands it is unlikely that an accident victim can battle against them alone, which is why you should speak with a Bethlehem personal injury lawyer today by calling us at (800) 455-2746.


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