Bensalem personal injury lawyers

Accidents that result in serious injury can be hard to handle both physically and emotionally. Following your accident, you may be left with many questions that need answers. Because of your injuries, you may be unable to work. You may not know where to turn. Console & Hollawell’s personal injury attorneys in Bensalem are here to help when the unexpected occurs. We will diligently defend your rights and ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable for their negligent actions.


Bensalem is the largest municipality in Bucks County with more than 60,000 residents. It is home to Pennsylvania’s largest gaming complex, Parx Casino and Racetrack, which attracts thousands of visitors each year. With the already lofty population combined with the high volume of tourists there is even more of a chance that an accident will happen.


Games of the Insurance Industry


Following your accident, you turn to the insurance company to receive the money you need to afford the financial burdens that arise from an injury. This is met with the quick response of the company that you do not have a claim or that it is worth very little, but this is not true. The insurance industry consistently employs tactics aimed at limiting or denying your claim in order for them to be more profitable.


When you pay your premiums to the insurance company, they then take that money and invest it in order to make of a profit—this is called float. The company wants to keep that float for as long as possible because the longer it is invested the larger profit they can make from it. In order to do this, they deceive their policyholders into thinking a number of things: The first thing they want you to believe is that it is too hard to make a claim. Those who actually file a claim are quickly met with the delaying and denying tactics and the hope is that if people see how hard it is to recover those funds that they won’t even bother. Of course then there are those who do seek the money that is rightfully theirs and the company may offer an immediate settlement that is far less than what the accident merits. Should the claim make it to trial, they spare no expense on an expansive legal team who then aggressively fights the claim in any way possible in order to dispute the case.


Knowledgeable Bensalem personal injury lawyers


For more than 17 years, our tenacious legal team has fought the insurance companies to fairly compensate accident victims. We have the right balance of knowledge and aggression needed to hold these companies to the promises they make to their policyholders. We prepare each case as if it were going to trial which gives rise to top-notch results for our clients. Speak with a Bensalem personal injury lawyer at Console & Hollawell today to find out your legal rights and options by calling (800) 455-2746. The consultation is free and confidential.



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